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Commercial & Industrial Construction

click to view larger imageCouture Construction Corporation, founded in 1968, is the area's largest construction company and has had the opportunity to participate in the construction of the North's Country's most recognizable and best known landmarks. Some of which have achieved national recognition (The Androscoggin Ranger Station, completed in 1991 won an award from A.I.A for best wood construction).

With a fleet of over 86 trucks and pieces of heavy equipment Couture Construction Corporation is able to service customers' needs. From dump trucks, trailer dumps, excavators, bulldozers, hydraulic cranes, wheel loaders, backhoe loaders, lowbeds, truck trailers, Couture Construction owns every type of equipment necessary to meet the demands of any construction project including:

Industrial: Couture has constructed many thousands of sq. feet of warehouse space, two co-generation facilities, a complete campus for a steel fabricator and many other miscellaneous projects. Industrial clients include Wassau Paper, Groveton Paper, James River Corp, Isaccson Steel, Fraser Paper, New England Telephone (now Verizon Wireless) and Hitchener Manufacturing.

Institutional: Couture has constructed schools all over northern New Hampshire. They have also completed a variety of hospital projects and a visitor's center for the US Forest Service.

Retail: Couture has constructed many retail facilities for Rite-Aid, Brooks and other retail chains.

Offices: Couture has constructed several large office facilities for Verizon Wireless, Isaccson Steel and the Veteran's Administration. Additionally, Couture has constructed a number of "spec" office buildings.

Residential: Though Couture Construction does not normally work in the residential market, over the years they have constructed several custom homes and mid to high end condominiums

Civil: Couture has constructed many miles of road, downtown improvement projects, parks, water and sewer projects, wood and steel bridges, dam work, athletic fields and tracks, landfill work and recycling facilities.

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Couture Construction has the ability to drive any project. With in-house capability to produce the site work steel erection, wood framing and even concrete, Couture Construction can assure timeliness and can respond quickly and with great agility as the project evolves. Couture's ability to be facile and agile will translate into economies of time and money.

Design / Build: Architect

click to view larger imageCouture Construction Corporation specializes exclusively in commercial work and has over the years, successfully completed an impressive array of projects including condominiums, recreational facilities, banks, retail complexes, industrial buildings, roads and bridges, restaurants, hotels schools and medical facilities, many of which Couture Construction has designed. The design / build model of construction is an integral component of Couture Construction Corporation as it minimizes the risk of scheduling conflicts between design and construction, thus allowing on-time and on-budget completion of projects.

Couture Construction Corporation's architectural designer possesses an impressive portfolio of structures, buildings and landmarks. His precision, creativity and knowledge of construction codes has generated designs that are not only appealing to the eye, but are also practical and cost effective.

Site Work & Excavation

Couture Construction Corporation has the experienced crew and the equipment to successfully complete projects on time and on budget. Couture Construction knows the importance of site work and excavation to any project. Their experienced staff understands and takes into consideration the site's overall topography, the characteristics of the soil, drainage issues, building placement and possible expansion plans.

Couture Construction Corporation operates a full fleet of equipment and trucks necessary for the successful completion of site work. In addition to in-house earth moving equipment, Couture Construction is proud of the community and industry partnerships it has maintained for the past 40 years.

Couture's history of successfully completing projects timely and cost effectively has earned them a wide and loyal client list. Contact Couture Construction Corporation to learn how they can be of service to your company.


click to view larger imageDemolition is a vital, yet underestimated aspect of the construction process, involving a variety of hazards such as: deviations from the structure's original construction, modifications that altered the original design, materials hidden within structural members, and unknown weaknesses of construction materials.

Couture Construction Corporation is fully aware of these and other hazards and adhere to the strictest safety precautions.

Road Work

The construction and maintenance of roads and bridges are Click to view larger imageessential to the efficient transportation of commerce and the public.

Couture Construction Corporation is highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of road construction including acquisitions, permitting, project design and construction with minimal disruptions. Couture understands that the engineering and organization of road projects are just as important, if not more so, than the actual construction.

Couture's fleet of equipment and experienced staff operating that equipment has made them a highly sought after resource for road construction.

Gravel Pit

In 1998, Jimtown Sand & Gravel, LLC, was formed. This 225 acre gravel pit was purchased from Pike Industries and specializes in the supply of aggregate products to Couture Construction Corp. and the area.


Lumber Yard

In 1999, Arthur Couture, owner of A.R. Construction Corporation, formed SSC Timber Corp. and purchased over one million dollars worth of equipment for the purpose of site clearing and timber harvesting. MORE TO COME