About Us//
About Us

Couture Construction Corporation, founded in 1968 as A.R. Couture Excavator & Builder, has spent the ensuing years building and maintaining a reputation for the hightest standards in both quality of construction and business ethics. The company's early years were the most depressed years in the construction industry, yet Couture Construction prevailed and developed the expert management techniques which allow us to remain competitive in today's market place. Couture Construction has withstood the vagaries of business cycles and has watched construction companies come and go. Seasoned, mature, experienced.... These qualities will assure that Couture Construction will continue to perform, professionally, methodically and consistently in adherence to their standards.

For many years, the company has been totally integrated. Couture Construction has the ability to provide turnkey construction including road work, utilities, septic systems and foundations.

Couture Construction is pre-qualified by the N.H.D.O.T. for highway, bridge, utility and building construction. This pre-qualification requires that the contractor be able to self perform the work. It recognizes a contractor's capabilities and eliminates "briefcase contractors."

Though Couture Construction is very experienced in all aspects of construction, we are particulary well suited for marginally funded projects which require a substancial amount of value engineering. Because of our long history, a strong grasp of the local market and an intuitive understanding of construction requirements and goals are able to offer substantial contributions to the value engineering process. Familiarity with many resources allows us to occupy a pivotal position in a team effort.

Our library is kept us to date and contains:

NFPA 101 2006
UBC 2006
NED 2008
UL Fire Resistance Directory
RS Means Building Construction Data
RS Means Square Ft Building Cost
Steel Construction Manual 10th edition
Numerous Manuals, Catalogs, etc

We are thoroughly immersed in the strictures of building codes and are known by local agencies as being very conscious and expert in all aspects of building code compliance.

The company draws its strength and unique abilities from a highly motivated and exceptionally loyal crew of skilled craftsment, who are whole heartily dedicated to maintaining the company's reputation while meeting the need of our clients. Numbering forty, Couture Construction employees are extremly versatile, enabling Couture Construction to perfom the work that normally might require as much as twice the amount of personnel. This translates into significant savings to our clients.

With an eye on the future, Couture Construction subscribes to an ongoing program of seminars and courses for key personnel to keep abreast of new technologies, code changes and other developments in the construction industry. Thus ensuring that in the years to come Couture Construction will always be the North Country's premier contractor.